MANDRILL Puts on a Two Hour Masters Class in Rhythm and Groove
At the Hollywood Beach Clambake Festival
Saturday, September 27, 2008

September 2008 found the Group in Florida at the Seventh Annual Hollywood Beach Clambake Festival.

Your spirits and pure, beautiful and boundless energies touched all of us so profoundly. Our Sunday was awash with comments and reflections of the magical Mandrill Family’s visitation and transformation of our beach and festival into a joyous celebration much greater than we had ever hoped to create. You all truly embody and are surely High Ambassadors of the universal language of music, soul, love, peace (and funk!) and I personally, along with many others, am certain, will never be the same. Thank you doesn’t even come close to what we’d like to send to you. Love, blessings and well wishes from our beach to your hearts with hopes for your continued success and many more musical and spiritual adventures ahead. May MANDRILL’s road some day soon lead back to South Florida.”

Holly Spillane, Producer

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